Top 9 Women's Weight Vests

Travis December, 11th, 2019 #weights

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If you don't know how to increase your workout's effectiveness, a weighted vest can be the answer. This let's you increase the resistance of almost any body weight training.

Weighted training is often used in the military and with great success. It increases the resistance of the training leading to more endurance, strenght, and weight loss. A weighted vest lets you get the same benefits but a lot more comfortable.

Not every vest is made to the same quality or fit. And a good fit is crucial for a vest that will be comfortable and let you move freely through any exercise.

So, we have listed the best weighted vests for women based on our experience and research.

The Best Weighted Vests for Women

The best weighted vests for women are the ones that fit your body as well as your exercise routines. It's very important to check the fit of the vest before final purchase.

1. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest for women

The Aduro Sport Weighted Vest Workout Equipment has a range of weight types to choose from. The vests come in six, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty-pound weight choices. All types are good for cardio workouts, weight training, and resistance training.

The vests are adjustable to fit multiple frame types with a front belt latch that holds the vest securely I place across your chest. The buckle is plastic and easy to put on and take off. The vest is neoprene, which makes it a soft and durable vest to purchase and wear for the long-term.

The Aduro vest comes with mesh pockets stitched onto the back of the vest to provide a way to add extra weight to your vest. They can also hold your items such as your ID or your keys. The Aduro Weighted vest comes with a lifetime limited warranty in case of damage.

What we liked

  • The Aduro vest has neoprene materials.
  • The vest comes in multiple weight choices.
  • The Aduro vest is adjustable for the entire family.

What we didn't like

  • The beads in the vest can push through the seams.
  • The vest is not good for running.

2. Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted Vest

Tone Fitness woman's weight vest

The Tone Fitness 8lb Weighted Vest is a neoprene fabric that distributes the weights around the top half of your body. The vest weight is near the middle of the vest, so the weight moves with you as you exercise. The vest is a one-size-fits-most vest that is adjustable on the sides of the vest.

The Tone fitness vest has reflective strips on the vest to provide you with the ability to jog, run, or walk in the dark and stay safe. The vest comes in basic black with silver reflective strips up the middle and rimming the vest.

What we liked

  • The vest is made of neoprene fabric.
  • The vest has reflective strips for night exercising.
  • The vest has adjustable straps on the sides.

What we didn't like

  • The vest needs to fit correctly during exercising.
  • The weight in the middle of the vest can cause back fatigue for growing muscles.

3. Empower Weighted Vest for Women

Empower weighted vest for women

The Empower Weighted Vest for Women comes in four and eight-pound weights. The vest adds hands-free resistance to your exercises and activities. The vest is an X-shaped vest made to fit a woman's chest. The primary weight in the vest is sand. The sand distribution is even across your chest.

The Empower Vest has Lycra and spandex materials to help it fit securely to your body. The vest fits snugly with buckles on the back that are adjustable to fit waist sizes twenty-four to forty-eight inches. The vest stays in place while you move and does not impede your movements.

The vest has reflective strips on the vest to ensure your front and back are visible for nighttime exercises. The X-shaped vest includes elastic pockets to hold your ID, money, or keys while you exercise.

What we liked

  • The vest has adjustable buckles.
  • The Empower vest is an X-shape to hug the female form.
  • The vest has reflective strips for night exercising.

What we didn't like

  • The vest does not fit large cell phones.
  • The vest does not fit really small bodies well.

4. Henkelion Running Weight Vest

Henkelion running weight vest

The Henkelion Running Weight Vest comes in four, six, eight, and twelve-pound vests. The design of the vest is ergonomic to distribute the weight of the best at the top of your back and shoulders. The elastic worked into the best should stop at the top of your waist.

The vest design makes it ideal for running as it curves out of the way of your body and any swinging limbs. The weights in the vest are premium quality iron pellets and metal rocks to help balance the vest. They also help eliminate the slipping and sliding of the weight during exercising.

The vest is strong, soft, neoprene fabric with mesh pockets sewed onto the back of the vest to provide you with a place to put your keys or other important items. The vest is adjustable across your chest to make it tight on your body. The vest also comes in back, blue, grey, and pink colors.

What we liked

  • The Henkelion vest fill is iron pellets and metal rock.
  • The vest material is premium neoprene.
  • The vest has elastic at the waist.

What we didn't like

  • The vest can rub if it does not fit correctly.
  • The vest can smell when new.

5. ATIVAFIT Sport Weighted Vest

Ativafit Sport weighted vest that fits women really well

The Ativafit Sport Weighted Vest comes in eight and twelve-pound vests. The vest fill is premium iron pellets that are free of harmful chemicals and held together with material that stretches around your body to stay tight to your form.

The vest has adjustable buckle straps at the sides to help the vest fight tightly to your body. The ergonomic design is non-slip to help distribute the weight around your whole body. It has an additional non-slip pad on its back to hold it firmly in place as you exercise.

The vest also has handy Velcro storage pockets at the front of the best so you can carry your phone, ID, keys, and other valuables with you on your workouts. The vest has reflective strips that run up and down your shoulders and back to make you visible for your night time workouts.

What we liked

  • The vest has premium quality iron pellets as weights.
  • The vest has adjustable straps on the sides of the vest.
  • The Ativafit vest has reflective strips for outdoor exercising.

What we didn't like

  • The weights don't come out of the vest very easily.
  • The weight, combined with the straps of the best, can feel uncomfortable at first.

6. ZELUS Weighted Vest

A well fitting weight vest for women, the Zelus weighted vest

The Zelus Weighted Vest comes in three different colors, including black, blue, and gray. The vest also only comes in twelve pounds except for the black vest, which also comes in twenty pounds. The vest has premium chloroprene rubber as its primary material that has double stitching for added strength.

The chloroprene rubber fill is sand that is chemical-free and distributed evenly around your back and chest. The vest has an adjustable buckle strap that latches at the front of the vest and has reflective strips around them. The vest fits tightly across a bust of thirty-five to forty-five inches. Elastic rims the vest helping it provide added flexibility while you move and exercise.

The vest has built-in pockets at the front of the best to hold keys, cell phone, or other items you carry while you workout. The vest seams have the same double stitching as the rest of the vest and help pull in the top of the vest to prevent shoulder fatigue or it sliding off your shoulders. The vest requires hand washing for cleaning.

What we liked

  • The vest has reflective strips for night exercising.
  • The Zelus vest is double stitched manufacturing.
  • The vest has adjustable buckles and straps.

What we didn't like

  • The vest can rub your skin if worn with a tank top.
  • The vest is not good for running.

7. Harbinger Women's Adjustable Weight Vest

Harbinger women's adjustable weight vest

The Harbinger Women's Adjustable Weight Vest weights ten pounds and wraps around your body to help hold it secure. The vest design is for the women's body and curves. The vest is adjustable up to ten pounds in half-pound increments to help you progress with the vest.

The vest has dual padding and cushions around the shoulders and chest, where most women find discomfort in weighted vests. The vest has an extra-wide neoprene belt that helps provide a secure fit and abrasion-resistant fit. The vest does not pull or tear and is completely machine washable.

What we liked

  • The vest machine washable.
  • The Harbinger vest adjusts up to ten pounds.
  • The vest has a dual padding cushion around the shoulders and chest for added comfort.

What we didn't like

  • The vest can smell when new.
  • The half-pound weights are very rigid plastic.

8. RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest

Adjustable weighted vest by Ritfit, a good choice for women who like to work out.

The RitFit Adjustable Weighted Vest comes in eight, ten, fifteen, and twelve-pound vests. The vest is a breathable, neoprene fabric. The vest fill is soft iron sand that is free of chemicals and scent. The vest has double stitching with mesh pockets fitted into the front of the vest that can hold your keys and your cell phone.

The vest comes with an adjustable elastic front and side straps to help it fit snuggly to your body as you move. The straps are Velcro so you can easily adjust them if they become too lost while you workout. The adjustable side straps can help accommodate multiple body types and help the vest adjust to you as you change with it.

The vest has reflective strips and edge protectors along the seams of the best to make you stand out at night and provides an added anchor for the double stitching, which holds the sand in their specially designed pouches.

What we liked

  • The vest has double stitching for added strength.
  • The straps adjust to your body as you need it too.
  • The vest is made of neoprene material.

What we didn't like

  • The vest has limited shoulder padding.
  • The RitFit vest does not fit smaller people as well.

9. Challenge Weighted Workoutwear

Challenge weighted workout wear specifically for women

The Challenge Weighted Workoutwear is ninety percent polyester and ten percent spandex vest. The vest is a full-length vest with four-pound weights in the vest. The vest is a light-weight, free-floating material construction that helps you move flexibly and functionally.

Made in the USA, the vest design focuses on the female form for complete comfort without being bulky or heavy-duty. The vest is form-fitting and helps prevent rubbing or chaffing. The vest is good for people who have autism or osteoporosis.

What we liked

  • The vest is a full-length vest.
  • The vest is lightweight for delicate bones.
  • The vest is flexible.

What we didn't like

  • The vest is not cost-effective
  • The vest is not for heavy-duty weighted workouts.

Benefits of using a Weight Vest in Your Exercises

The best weighted vest for women is ones that fit the female form and provide you with the right degree of exercise to improve you physically. They also help you to:

Cardiovascular Function Improvement

Improving your cardiovascular function will help improve the circulation of blood around your body. A weighted vest will help you to avoid the development of blood clots and strengthen your arteries at the same time. By adding a weighted vest to your resistance training or cycling will make your workout more strenuous and complete.

Muscle Growth

A weighted vest will push your muscles to greater intensity then if you are using just your body. You will see more your muscles grow faster and increase in size. You will be using the vest to put more resistance into each exercise and build up stamina.

What Styles are Available?


While the short vest is usually better for men, the short vest can help women with a fuller figure find a vest to fit them. The vest fits broader shoulders and a bigger chest. The straps securing the vest to a chest tend to slide around on smaller bodies of women and men.

The short vest helps to provide more airflow around your body as you exercise. It also helps distribute the weight more evenly around your chest. The vest also helps to strengthen your range of motion as you move through your activities. The short vest will make your workout more intense, but also safer.


The X-Style vest is one that women prefer for their workouts. The X-style vest fits around the natural curves of a woman's body and does not get in the woman's way as she exercises. The vest also does not bunch up around a woman's body like other vests might, which is a benefit for smaller women.


A full-coverage vest is the most common vest for both men and women. The style of the vest evenly distributes weight around your body in a safe way. The vest hugs your entire body so your shoulders, chest, and core can have a full workout. The best often have add-ons such as pockets to hold your keys, cell phone, or water bottle.

Weight Capacity of the Vest

The weight capacity of your vest will determine how much resistance is on your muscles, but also the extent of the workouts you can do. The amount of weight will help you to determine the extent of exercises you can add the best too. The weight on the vest will be a determining factor for how much you can improve.

Knowing your fitness goals while wearing a weighted vest can help you to understand the extent of how you want to exercise and what you can and will do. The weight in the vest can adjust to your goals. If you are looking to add muscle, you will require at least an extra forty pounds of weight.

The weighted vest helps exhaust your muscles. Exhausted muscles grow faster than ones that have not seen exhaustion. It is a mechanism for survival and adaptability for the human body though there are potential downsides. If you are using a vest that is too heavy for your workouts and on muscles that are unprepared for the added intensity can cause injury to your joints and frame.

The durability of the Vest

As with any purchase you make, you want it to last through multiple workouts and exercises. When you are looking to buy your weighted vest, you should look at the materials of the vest along with the stitching. The added weights in each vest; there is more of a chance the pockets holding the weights will tear during exercises or become damaged as weight slides around.

A good quality vest is made of neoprene and often come with long-term plans for maintenance and care. Double stitching will hold the shape of the vest together keep the weights from sliding around. The vest should also have high-quality buckles and straps to ensure the vest stays in place during your exercising.

The fit of the Vest

The vest you select will, of course, have to fit your frame comfortably, but also be adjustable for when your body changes during your workouts. Plus, not all vests fit the same, and you will want it to be as comfortable as possible while you exercise.

A snug vest that is not too tight is what you want for your exercises. The vest should not move around while you exercise to prevent unbalancing your body as you move. You should also be able to readjust it as needed easily.

Final Thoughts

The best weighted vest for women is the one the fits your body and your workouts. The best find of vest fits you snuggly and gives you the weight and resistance to have a good workout.