CB 1 Weight Gainer Review

Are you struggling to gain weight and wondering if CB1 weight gainer is for you? Read our in-depth review and find out if this product can help.

CB 1 Weight Gainer Review

By: Travis

Hi, I am Travis. My main focus in life is to understand training better and help others get better results too. I used to be about the least fit kid in school and would always be last to get picked for a team. It wasn't for a lack of trying, but all my efforts just lead to injuries

For years, I had completely given up on ever getting in shape. Then I began to use my brain before using my muscles. I read every popular book on exercise, and began to structure my training.

With the right training methods, and the right machines, I was able to rebuild my body from the ground up.

According to science, I would never be able to walk pain-free again. And I would never be able to do 20 pull-ups with the injuries to my rotator cuff. But they were al wrong.

This site is where you can find all my tips and recommendations.

It seems that most of the supplements and diet industry is only for people who are trying to lose weight. But what if you are naturally skinny and want to gain a fuller, stronger, healthier figure?

Many advice comes down to “just eat more” or get yourself some cake. Little do they know that no matter how much you eat, you stay skinny. And eating lot’s of sugar just makes you feel tired.

When you are struggling with a problem like this, CB1 weight gainer might be the solution you have been looking for. Read our review to find out what it is, how it works, the most important ingredients, and what consumers say.

What is CB-1 Weight Gainer?

It’s a supplement designed to help you gain weight. Together with the supplement you get a guidebook, and a powder that you can use to enhance your meal plan. The system is meant to help you gain weight in a natural and healthy way.

Does CB-1 Work?

This is a tough one!

It seems to differ greatly from one person to the other. A number of people are feeling a lot more hungry and steadily gain weight, much more than without the supplement.

Most people, and including us, are not noticing any effect. After 4 weeks, we couldn't notice any increase in weight gain or appetite.

The body composition plays a crucial role in how supplements work. And no body is exactly the same. (That is why we always advice to try different supplements, as long as they are of high quality).

So it's entirely possible that CB-1 Weight Gainer can work great for you. The product is completely save so feel free to give it a shot.


As we mentioned before, CB-1 doesn't really work for a lot of people. So here is our top 3 of weight gain supplements that are generally more effective.

Recommended Weight Gain Supplements

Most essential nutrients

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass weight gainer supplements
  • 1250 Calories per serving
  • Great taste
  • 25 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Energy for long hard workouts
  • Engineered for building muscle and mass
  • Zinc and Vitamin D for Immune Support

Best with water

Body Fortress mass gainer powder
  • 1000+ calories per serving
  • Mixes well with water
  • Has Betaine for extra growth
  • Provides essential nutritients

Best for recovery

Dymatize ISO 1000 weight gainer supplements
  • Pure concentrated products
  • 1300+ calories per serving
  • High in protein and carbs
  • BCAAS to boost recovery

The main ingredients are:

Vitamin D3: Often called the sunshine vitamin, this is important because a deficiency leads to decreased energy and feelings of depression. Depressed or down feelings cause a loss of appetite.

Zinc: This ingredient regulates several critical bodily functions. It’s used to treat ear infections, night blindness, diabetes, high blood pressure and the common cold. It’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits have been proven over and over again. (eg: taking zinc within 24 hours of getting the common cold reduces the the duration significantly.

Echinacea Purpurea: According to WebMD and Pharmacognosy Review, this supplement strengthens the immune system as can be easily noticed for it’s effectiveness at treating cold and flu. This is important because when your body is inflamed or unhealthy, it doesn’t have the energy to build muscle.

Soy Lecithin: Soy lecithin has been proven to have many benefits on the liver, brain and hearth health, and also improve athletic performance. Additionally, it helps reduce bad cholesterol and cholesterol concentrations.

Chinacea Angustifolia Powder: This North America based plant has many benefits on health and body. It works in conjuncture with the other ingredients for a healthier weight and body.

As far as actually taking the pill, it is recommended that you take a single dose (one pill) a half hour to an hour before each meal. Each bottle contains approximately 90 pills, which should last you for a full 30 days each time.

CB1 Weight Gainer Side Effects

All the ingredients in this supplement are completely natural. Maybe that is the reason that there are no reported side effects. Most people experience increased energy, enhanced mood, improved immune system and a healthy weight gain and appetite.

At worst that is being reported is that some people don’t notice any effect. Which is something increasingly rare in the modern world of powerful supplements and medicines, where often the side effects are way worse than the benefits.

The supplement doesn’t interfere with other daily health supplements and can safely be combined.

Who is CB-1 Weight Gainer For?

CB-1 Weight Gainer is a great product because it can be used for men and women alike and for clients of any age group. The supplement comes as a pill that is both easy to swallow and flavorless. According to the CB-1 Weight Gainer website, you can also pull the capsule apart and pour the ingredients inside into your favorite food or drink without altering the flavor.

Additionally, this supplement is safe for all athletes and even drug-tested employees. It is also not addictive or habit-forming. Simply stop taking the supplement when you have reached your goal weight. Studies have shown that those who do are still able to maintain their new weight with ease.