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What Is The Ultimate Squat Rack Or Stand For Your Home Gym In 2021?

You will probably never make a more important purchase for your home gym than the squat rack.

Our test setup when searching for the ultimate squat rack

By: Travis

Hi, I am Travis. My main focus in life is to understand training better and help others get better results too. I used to be about the least fit kid in school and would always be last to get picked for a team. It wasn't for a lack of trying, but all my efforts just lead to injuries

For years, I had completely given up on ever getting in shape. Then I began to use my brain before using my muscles. I read every popular book on exercise, and began to structure my training.

With the right training methods, and the right machines, I was able to rebuild my body from the ground up.

According to science, I would never be able to walk pain-free again. And I would never be able to do 20 pull-ups with the injuries to my rotator cuff. But they were al wrong.

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People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function and don't have normal leg function. They can't jump, run, throw, or punch correctly. - Greg Glassman

If you are serious about your home or garage gym, you need a solid squat rack as the centerpiece. You can get so many powerful exercises from a good squat rack, and the most important is the squat itself.

In this article, we're going to cover the top racks you can buy today. Our experts researched and tested 27 different squat racks and selected the top products you can trust to keep up with your workouts.

The best squat rack needs to be adjustable to fit your body and different exercises. And it needs to be strong and stable enough to hold all the weights.

If you are looking at racks, you have probably heard the terms power rack, half rack, squat stand, and fold-away squat rack. Many people ask me: what type of rack should I get?

And my answer is this: The squat rack is the most important item I have in my home gym. It also holds all my weights and serves as a pull-up bar. So, should I not get the biggest, most adjustable, and most stable rack I can fit?

Now, don't get me wrong, I still leave plenty of space for other machines too.

Man doing squats in the REP PR-4000 Power Rack Doing deadlifts on the REP PR-4000 power and squat rack

When it comes to power racks, you can't go wrong with the PR-4000 from REP Fitness.

You get the perfect combination of features, expandability, and quality construction at a price that most of us can afford.

You can load the PR-4000 up to 1,000 lb with no problems. You can use the 1" hole spacing in the critical bench zone to make small adjustments and get the perfect setup.

The whole rack is built using commercial grade 3x3" 11 gauge steel that you can count on to last for many years. And what about the welds? Well, the welds are of premium quality and ready to withstand the heaviest lifts.

The PR-4000 is also extremely versatile and customizable. You don't normally find this in a power rack of its price. When ordering, you can add features like weights storage, safety arms, pull-up bars, j-cups.

And it doesn't stop there. You also have the option to add extra safety features like spotter areas, rear base stabilizers, and extensions for the front feet.

REP fitness promises to deliver any accessories or attachments in less than a week. You can easily keep expanding on this rack as your strength and repertoire grow.

If you want incredible value, long-lasting quality, and best-in-class customizability, you can't find anything better than the REP Fitness PR-4000.

Rogue HR-2 half squat rack Rogue HR-2 half rack set up for bench pressing

With a half rack, you feel more open than in a power rack. If you add spotter arms, you can enjoy a lot of the safety features of a power rack.

The Rogue HR-2 is our top recommendation for half racks. If you wonder why it seems familiar, that is probably because it's based on the popular SML-2 squat stand.

You can easily fit the Rogue HR-2 in any gym setup. You don't need to bolt it down, so your floor can stay intact.

Even without floor bolts, the Rogues HR-2 is one of the most stable half racks out there.

And you don't have to compromise on features either.
You get most of the options of a full power rack on this half rack.

So, maybe you don't have space for a full power rack. Maybe you don't want to drill bolts in your floor. Or maybe you just like the open feel of a half rack.

In all those cases, I recommend the Rogue Fitness HR-2 as your next half rack. And I almost forgot to mention the best part, You get all this for about half the price of comparable half-squat racks.

Rogue SML-2C squat stand Rogue squat stand set up with spotter arms and pull-up bar

If you have a small home gym or lower budget, you might be looking at a squat stand. And you might have seen some really cheap products online.

For your safety, please make sure to buy a stand that is properly tested and certified.

In our expert opinion, the Rogue SML-2C is the best squat stand you can buy right now.

The design is based on the super popular and durable SML-2. I have always been a huge fan of this squat stand and have used it for years in my own gym setup.

With the SML-2C, you get all the greatness of the original with added color options.

The rack is made from 3" x 3" 11-gauge steel, so you'll get top-of-the-line quality and stability.

You won't easily overload this squat stand. I have personally seen people use it for weights of more than 650 lb.

The SML-2C packs an amazing number of workout options in only a 49" by 48" footprint. Straight from the box, you are completely set up for doing squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. And you can use any of the Monster Lite accessories from Rogue to adapt this rack to your favorite workouts.

You can also use it as a free-standing pull-up bar. With just some weights on the base, you can even do kipping pull-ups and other gymnastics.

The Rogue SML-2 has proven itself with its quality, attention to detail, and an excellent warranty. You will pay a bit more than some competitors. But, you know that you can count on it for years, no matter how heavy the lift.

PRx performance profile fold-away squat rack with kipping pull-up bar Woman doing squats with the PRx performance profile rack

You might not have space for a squat rack. Or maybe you still want to store your car in the garage too. The PRx Performance Profile Rack can fold away against the wall and take almost no space at all.

Now, it's not the cheapest fold-away rack that you'll find. But, during my testing, I found the patented hydraulic folding system to be far superior to the cheaper racks that use a mechanical swing system.

You won't find any other rack that folds as effortlessly as the PRx racks. The founders of TRX built their company on this one aspect, and they got funded on Shark Tank for it.

In my opinion, you can get all the benefits of this rack with the Profile version. If you do have some extra budget, you can get the Pro version and enjoy the 3" x3" steel construction with super sharp laser-cut hole numbers.

You also get the option to run a pull-up bar or kipping pull-up bar on the top.

But, is a rack like this is stable enough for large weights?

Yes, it is!

I tested it with over 500 lbs and didn't have any issues. And when I did pull-ups, the rack felt rock solid too.

So, if you need a fold-away squat rack, I highly recommend the PRx Profile Rack. You can move it in and out faster than any other rack, and you will never feel like you don't have enough stability.

How Do I Choose a Squat Rack?

When you are choosing a squat rack, it's good to ask yourself the following questions: - Can I fit this rack? - Does it offer the options that I want? - Does it need to be bolted to the wall or floor? - How adjustable is the rack? - What are the shipping costs? - How big are the shipping packages? If you keep these things in mind, you should be able to choose a great rack for your home gym.

What is the difference between a Power Rack And a Squat Rack?

The biggest difference is that a power rack allows you to drop the bar on the horizontal safety beam while you will have to drop it on the floor with a squat rack. If your home gym's floor can't withstand a dropped weight, a power rack could be better. Power racks are also bigger and allow for more options and accessories.

Can You Use Squat Stands For Bench Press?

Yes, you can definitely use a Squat Stand for bench pressing. You just need to place a good bench under the rack, and you can start your bench press training.

Do I Need to Bolt Down My Power Rack or Squat Rack

It depends. Most power racks offer you the option of bolting it to the floor or wall. And your rack will almost always be more stable and safe if you do. If you can't drill holes in your floor, you can still find good, stable, and safe squat racks. In my opinion, this is one of the most important considerations when choosing a rack.