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Top 7 Manual Treadmills Without a Motor in 2020

Motorless treadmills require more manual work than electric. Here are our top 7 recommendations.

Working out using different types of equipment can make you work harder and give you different types of exercise. If you are looking into treadmills for your at-home gym, consider a manual treadmill instead of a motorized one. Not only will you be saving electricity, but you will also make your workouts more challenging and provide your home with more space.

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A manual treadmill is harder to use than a motorized treadmill. You are the motor on the manual treadmill, and that will force your body to work harder to keep a regular pace to keep it running. You can be energy efficient in your purchase and save yourself several hundred dollars by buying a manual treadmill.

As you start your search for the treadmill that will work for you, consider where you will put the treadmill and how often you will use it. They are not the easiest items to use, but they are lighter than a regular treadmill, and you can move them around your home to best suit your needs.

1. Assault Fitness AirRunner

  • The treadmill comes Bluetooth ready and can connect to most types of devices.
  • Easy to program for different routines
  • The design of the treadmill makes it perfect for HIIT training workouts.
  • The display can flash and restart on some runs.
  • The plastic materials can start to crack with extended heavy use.

Product Features

  • Folding:No
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:None
  • Speed:Unlimited
  • Belt Dimensions:17" x 62.2"
  • Weight Limit:350 lbs
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The Assault Fitness AirRunner features an entirely new design for a treadmill. The treadmill platform is a unique, raised shape that keeps you working for every step. The machine is quieter than other models of a treadmill because it uses no electricity except what the runner produces.

Designed for no maximum speed settings, you can run as hard or as soft as you choose. It is small in design, which helps it fit into even the most cramped apartments and weighs only two hundred eight pounds, so moving it is not a problem. Best of all, the maximum weight the machine can hold is three hundred fifty pounds, so almost everyone can enjoy everything the treadmill has to offer. Check price here.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness 7700

  • The treadmill is very sturdy
  • The resistance on the treadmill is very high, so heavier adults will receive an excellent workout.
  • You can use the treadmill for Tabata sprints.
  • Smaller adults might find it challenging to run on.
  • The tension settings might make running on the treadmill difficult for some users.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:Four manual positions
  • Speed:Unlimited
  • Belt Dimensions:19" x 49"
  • Weight Limit:440 lbs

The Sunny Health & Fitness 7700 lets you start to move with a dual flywheel design that responds quickly to changes in your workout. The design helps you push through high as well as low-intensity workouts. You can set four different levels of intensity for your incline up to fourteen degrees.

The treadmill design ensures you can work safely for years because of the heavy-duty steel frame. The handlebars also come with sweat-resistant coatings, so you don't have to worry about losing your grip. The treadmill also has a maximum weight capacity of up to four hundred forty pounds, so everyone can keep on exercising. Check price here.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Force Fitmill

  • The treadmill's design is very wide so you have plenty of room
  • The treadmill lets you set your own pace
  • The treadmill is very quiet and smooth during operation.
  • There is no water bottle holder.
  • The belt can slide around with heavier runners.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:Adjustable to 13.5 percent
  • Speed:Unlimited
  • Belt Dimensions:16" x 53"
  • Weight Limit:300 lbs

The Sunny Health and Fitness Force Fitmill let you choose the model you need for your workout. You can order a manual treadmill with a fixed or adjustable incline, as your workout needs. Either way, the treadmill comes with a large platform for running with a weight limit of three hundred pounds.

You set your workout with sixteen different magnetic resistance levels and the ability to adjust the incline up to thirteen and a half percent. The treadmill's design includes multiple sets of support rails that are sweat-resistant, so you can alter how you move and stay safe on the treadmill. Check price here.


  • The instructions are easy to follow, making the treadmill easy to use.
  • The treadmill folds up and slides around easily for convenient storage.
  • People up to two hundred twenty pounds can use the treadmill safely.
  • The center of the belt is difficult to adjust.
  • The display does not have long battery life.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:Three manual positions
  • Speed:Unlimited
  • Belt Dimensions:13.5" x 42"
  • Weight Limit:250 lbs

The EFITMENT T017 gives you a smooth, natural surface to run, jog, or walk on. The treadmill is completely self-propelled, which saves electricity and helps you to set the speed. There are different ways to enjoy the treadmill from regular jogging and running movements to holding onto the side rails or the optional arm exerciser to help you move them naturally with your strides.

You set the standard surface height for three different levels and provide electricity to the LCD console. The LCD is large and easy to read the time, distance, speed, and the number of calories burned. You set the pace and burn the calories as you move, with the easy-to-fold-up design that lets you store it in your small apartment securely. Check price here.

5. Fitness Reality TR3000

  • The treadmill is perfect for anyone with difficulty walking.
  • People up to three hundred and twenty-five pounds can use the treadmill.
  • Assembly of the treadmill is easy.
  • There is no mid-level incline setting; it starts at eight degrees.
  • Heavier people may have trouble using the treadmill.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:8, 10, and 13 degrees
  • Speed:zero to ten miles an hour
  • Belt Dimensions:16" x 50'
  • Weight Limit:325 lbs

The Fitness Reality TR3000 lets you set the pace with jogging as well as walking features. The treadmill's design is wider and longer than regular treadmills to provide more surface area to move and make you feel safer on the belt of the treadmill. You can control the level of tension with three levels of tension to get you moving while the arms provide a stabilizing frame for your movements.

The treadmill has extra features to help you monitor your progress and health, including Heart Pulse pads that show you your measured target heart rates. Twin six-inch flywheels help to provide you with a smooth workout that offers more stability than other treadmills even when you adjust the incline. You can walk or jog on eight, ten, or thirteen degrees of height. Check price here.

6. Phoenix 98510

  • The size of the treadmill helps it fit into small spaces like micro-apartments more easily.
  • Assembly of the treadmill is relatively easy for most people.
  • The design of the treadmill includes water bottle holders.
  • The belt is not smooth while you run or walk.
  • There could be more room to jog or walk on the belt for larger adults.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:unlimited
  • Speed:0 up to 10 miles per hour
  • Belt Dimensions:13" x 41"
  • Weight Limit:250 lbs

The Phoenix 98510 is a solid, easily adjustable treadmill with a heavy-duty weighted front flywheel and an extra-large belt. The treadmill design includes large hand bars you can hold as you walk, run, or jog. The treadmill comes with a single-button display that lets you track your progress for distance, calories burned, speed, and time.

Phoenix's design is perfect for the small apartment as it folds up into an upright locking position for convenient storage while not in use. The frame of the treadmill also includes a water bottle holder. The entire design helps you to achieve your self-powered workout goals using a machine that comes with a pre-adjusted belt. Check price here.

7. ProGear 190

  • A simple controller comes with the treadmill that is easy to read and use.
  • The treadmill is not loud while you walk or run on it.
  • The design of the treadmill allows it to fold up easily into the closet or a corner.
  • The band can slip left or right as you run or walk.
  • The controller can freeze or start to skip while you workout.

Product Features

  • Folding:Yes
  • Motor:None
  • Incline:6 an 10 degrees
  • Speed:unlimited
  • Belt Dimensions:16" x 50"
  • Weight Limit:N/A

The ProGear 190 comes with a steel, powder-coated frame that provides you with the right amount of incline to make your workout a challenge. The frame comes with long handles along the top that have foam grips that can help you remain stable as you exercise and comfortable. The side rails of the handles are extra wide to help make it safer for you to exercise.

Coming with an oversized belt, the treadmill has a large belt to make moving easier and smooth. You can change up your walk or run by adjusting the incline into two positions, either six or ten degrees, to keep you working and moving. The twin cast iron flywheels can get your stride going as well as your heart rate with a weight limit of up to two hundred thirty pounds. Check price here.

Buying Guide for Manual or Motorless Treadmills


Most types of manual treadmills look like a regular treadmill. They don't have the bulky extra features that a motorized one has, which makes it generally more compact with fewer parts or ways for it to take up space. While they do not come with all the extra features, they do come with a more simile upright design that often folds up for storage.

The more cost-effective versions of the manual treadmill do not take up much room in a house or apartment. They almost universally have an adjustable incline, though some exceptions are depending on the manufacturer. They also come with extra wheels as part of the foldaway design, so you can easily roll it out of the way when you are through.

Core Components

If you want a regular treadmill, then you will find one that comes with a motor. A manual treadmill moves by your actions. You are the motor. You can adjust the levels of resistance or incline, but you get to set the speed and the pace, not the treadmill.

Setting the pace can be difficult, especially if the belt is very tight or the incline extreme. Make sure you can adjust the moving components satisfactorily before you settle on one particular model. Some come with up to sixteen different levels of resistance, so you have a lot of options to choose from for your workout and plenty of room to grow and improve.

Incline Selection

Not all types of manual treadmills come with a way to adjust the incline. There are models by the same manufacturer that are the same except for the ability to change the slope. If you want multiple options for your workout, you should look at one that does adjust.

If the treadmill does not give you an option for adjusting the incline, they most often come at a relatively steep incline of around thirteen percent or a moderate one of about eight. It can be worth the extra money to change your incline to make your workouts harder on some days or easier on others.

Universally, if you can adjust the incline, it will be a manual adjustment. Make sure you can easily adjust the treadmill and that it is safe before and after adjustment. Not all makes area stable after you incline them to a certain height or operate smoothly.

Belt Size

Almost universally, the size of the belts is small. The manual treadmill design enables them to fold up and out of the way, which means have a smaller area to run, jog, or walk on. Larger adults can find it harder to use these models, and smaller adults can find the space too cramped for comfortable movement.

Before you make your final selection to purchase a treadmill manual or otherwise, make sure you are comfortable with the amount of room you will have to work out. Not everyone will feel uncomfortable, but you do not want to be hitting the sides or falling off the back because of limited room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a manual treadmill worth it?

A manual treadmill is one of those pieces of workout equipment that can work for some people, but not for all. Not everyone likes having to set the pace of their workouts or maintain the speed of the exercises. Before you choose a manual treadmill, you are comfortable setting a pace and keeping it because they are definitely worth the money you will spend on it.

Can you run on a manual treadmill?

There are different types of treadmills with variations on designs. Most manual treadmills will let you run on them without a problem, though some models have too much of an incline for some buyers. The problem with most manual treadmills is the degree of incline can slow your speeds down considerably to three or four miles an hour. Slower speeds can make your workout harder, but some buyers will not enjoy the added challenge or want to do more running and cannot. Make sure you know if you can adjust the incline, as this can help you improve your running speed.

Which is better? A manual or a motorized Treadmill?

There is no better when it comes to selecting a manual or motorized treadmill; there is only preference. Both treadmills have good and bad points, and it is up to the buyer to determine what will work for their workouts and how effective each type of machine will be. If you are unsure of which type of treadmill to purchase, see if you can try out at a local gym or fitness store to make an informed decision.

How can I make my manual treadmill smoother?

Manual treadmills are not always smooth to operate. They require you to get your pace up first, and it will run more smoothly after that. If you need to make your treadmill smoother, try adjusting the belt first to help it roll more evenly over the rollers. You can also adjust the incline after you safely test the treadmill, which can help with how smoothly it operates.

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