Our Mission

Our Mission

Looks matter!

Ok, it’s not all about looks, I agree. But, the way things currently are, you are better off if you look better.

I know, it shouldn’t be that way.

And it’s not fair.

And maybe it will change at some point. But right now, it’s totally helpful to be working on your looks. And to make things even better, a lot of the things that make you look better, also make you more healthy.

That is where we come in with Body Science USA.

We provide you with scientific methods and products for stronger fitter and better looking bodies.

The word science gets thrown around a lot. Especially in the health/fitness niche. Often you are presented with a report of some authority that proves one of the ingredients is helpful, and that means that the product containing those is going to help you too.

It all sounds very niche but (very) often doesn’t give you the results that you want.

So we will do it differently. True science means create hypothesis, test, and when proven, build on that hypothesis.

In order to provide you with meaningful test results, we are going to be testing on ourselves. And we are just like you.

We have jobs that take us too much time, kids that keep us up at night, parties where we eat too much, friends that encourage us to drink too much.

So, in order to get fit, we want exercises and products that don’t require us to live like an athlete or eat like a rabbit.

let’s get started

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